Practice Remembering it's a Practice / by Erin Jones

We all get caught up in our heads. Amirite? Or, am I right? 

We create stories, assumptions, perceptions, monsters even in ourselves and other people. The thing is, if we can REMEMBER to PRACTICE letting those negative stories go - into the air, into meditation, into your kick-boxing class, into your drive time on the way to work as you blast your most belty song you know; or, maybe through journaling, affirmations, or a routine you create - then we can start to reprogram our sub-conscious mind. 

It sounds like common sense, but I guarantee some of you forget this when you’re feeling most insecure, frustrated, or fearful. I know I do.

Isn't it incredible that you can ACTUALLY reprogram your sub-conscious over time?! It’s an incredible tool for your LIFE! You don’t just pick up this tool and use it once; you keep it in your pocket ALWAYS.

Without these reminders, without these nudges to focus our attention back towards the positive, we get stuck in a programmed mind of consistent negative reactions and emotions. They just pile up on our sub-conscious' collective memory and we play the same tune, the same record; and, end up living on the same damn negative page every day, yadiyada - you get it.  

IF ONLY we could step back, to REMIND ourselves, that finding peace and positivity is a PRACTICE, then maybe it would take the pressure off of us for not always being so peachy in the moment. We’re not bad people because we get mad, insecure or fearful, but let’s PRACTICE, REMINDING ourselves in those moments, that we can change our perception at any time. It’s okay to feel the way we feel, but let’s take the time to practice looking at the glass half full until we see that it really is. 


For a dumb sports analysis, it’s like practicing your free throw shots until you are so consistent you can make it anytime you’re under pressure, on that line, during a big game. One doesn’t just learn from a great coach how to make one free throw in practice and think they’re good for every game to come. You don’t just learn how to become peaceful, meditate once and POOF you’re healed forever. NOOOOOOOOOO. No way. That’s not how it works. You practice. You remind yourself. You practice. And, you remind yourself again - until it’s a newly programmed habit.

You could start by trying these affirmations below or make up your own and stick them next to your bedside table or your bathroom mirror, so you read them before you go to bed at night:

- You are loved. 
- You are guided.
- You are a beautiful being. 
- You can’t control what anyone else thinks. 
- If you’re doing your best, that’s all you can do. 
- If you live in love, then nobody can take that away from you

Life is an infinite practice.
Remember to remember that. 
One day your sub-conscious will thank you. 

With love,