A Dead Tree - Reminding Me to Stay Grounded / by Erin Jones

There's something about this (seemingly 50') - VERY TALL - dead tree that speaks to me every time I see it. It's on the tractor trail where I take my neighborhood runs through a very soon-to-be covered-by-houses brush field. I decided to try and get closer today (too close to see if we could take a selfie together) haha, and then a (seemingly) - VERY LARGE - rattle snake shook it’s tail so very loud right before me in the brush, that it shook me between my ears and through my being as I backed away. You can’t mistake that sound. It shakes your senses into high gear to GTFO of there as sweetly as possible. I got too close to that snakes kingdom, indeed. 

Snakes represent the shedding of skin,  a period of transition, the stepping into the unknown and the need for support to move forward. As snakes are close to the ground, so too do they remind you to stay grounded during this time. I also read they are connected to life force, which is exactly what Prana is. Life force. Primal energy.

It sure felt like the alarm, the shake, the reminder, the validation I needed today; that yes, I am going through major transitions (we all are, right); that it does feel like stepping into the unknown, but that we are guided, and, that I - that we - Can. Stay. Grounded. 

Breathe into that space - that root chakra and hold on. Life's a ride.