Owner/Photographer/Graphic Designer

Erin Jones, known to her friends and clients alike as Jonesie is a creative designer and photographer with 10+ years experience in graphics and photography. She brings attention to detail and creativity to every project she takes on. Her clients enjoy her calming yet energetic personality that helps them have fun and relax in front of the camera – even when they are camera shy. When it comes to photography, she knows how to create final images that bring her subject’s beauty to the surface—whether it is a person or a place. Throughout her career, she has traveled the globe capturing landscape and travel images that reflect the true feeling of a time and place, accurately portraying its people and culture.

Because of her past experience in sales and event coordination, she intuitively knows how to shoot or graphically create images that will help promote and brand your company, product or services to impact your following.

• 10+ years photography experience
• 10+ years graphic designer experience
• 11+ years marketing campaign management experience
• 11+ years event coordination experience
• 6+ sales management experience

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